Nov 22, 2012

Another New Beginning

Wishes. Ideas. Decisions. Plans. Unknowns. Uncertainty. Possibility.

First steps. Deep breaths.

I begin again. Back on the path of what I love to do: Write. Coach. Facilitate.

When I read back on the journey I've been on these past few years ... I am inspired by what I've learned. I want to reap more as the journey continues. I want to witness and savour it through this process of reflecting and writing. 

So I re-establish this blog, accepting the gaps. It will continue to be a place to share my perspective on change and transition and uncertainty LIFE really! Insights and tools pondered and gleaned from the work I co-create with others, from the resources I find along the way, and from reflections of my own experiences. I hope you'll be inspired to add your own voice here too.

I dedicate these musings to anyone who is in the midst of a change or a transition themselves...

     be it a coming together or a coming apart; 

     be it with a job, a community or a person; 
     be it a fear faced or a dream realized; 
     be it a time of learning or unlearning or rediscovering.  

     Let's figure out more about how to be with whatever is.

Let's Live Aligned with curiosity, wonder and purpose!

Breathe Big!



  1. " Let's figure out more about how to be with whatever is." she says . . .

    removing the obstacles to the awareness of love's presence, someone said. Which is to say, noticing them . . . Congratulations on getting going with this!

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